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Ama laxei -stis Nefelis


Ama laxei -Stis-Nefelis

The historic tavern with the lush green garden, is housed in an old elementary school, in area of Exarcheia. Looks like a storyline movie scene. From the central area of the neoclassical building, with the retro wooden doors, the bright windows and the nostalgic atmosphere to the picturesque paved courtyard, you will gaze at the jasmine, the black and white photos of the students and the old faucets of the courtyard. You’ll feel like you went for a walk in time.  It maintains for many years “neighborhood” character and a Greek tempo in its kitchen. In its catalogue you will find «mezedakia» meat and the most popular traditional dishes. In the welcoming hall, meet people of all ages. We suggest you book a table, as the AMA- LAXEI has many loyal friends.

Ama laxei -stis Nefelis

Kallidromiou 69, Exarcheia

Tel. 210 3845978


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