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Meliartos is an interesting new entry in the food area, located in the center of Athens. It is a multi-space where one can experience traditional Greek cuisine in 4-shops-in-a-shop: The Coffee House, the Pie Shop, the Creamery Shop and the Kitchenette. What is intriguing about Meliartos is how well it combines traditional taste with modern design.

When entering, you will first see the Pie shop where you would have the chance to taste traditional handmade pies, peinirli with yellow kasseri cheese and various tarts with yoghurt, feta cheese and vegetables. Next to the Pie Shop, there is the Creamery Shop with the amazing baklava, galaktoboureko, Greek yoghurt, rice pudding and delicious fresh ice cream. In the Kitchenette, the chefs daily create amazing omelets and Greek wrapped pies. Breakfast and fresh juices are also served along with salads and the dish of the day. On the other side, the Coffee House serves Greek coffee both hot and cold, a pattern you should definitely try!

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